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Electric Cart Driver job in Los Angeles

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G2 Secure Staff jobs

Los Angeles, California (CA)

Job ID:  16-102
Employer:  G2 Secure Staff
Job Category:  Other Airport Employer
Employment Type:  Full Time

City:  Los Angeles

Transport passengers via electric cart within airline terminal.



1.  High School diploma or equivalent.
2.  Previous service industry experience preferred.
3.  Must be 18 years of age or older.
4. Must have a valid driver's license.
5.  Must have reliable transportation.

1.  Ability to communicate clearly and concisely in English in both verbal and written communication.
2.  Ability to work from verbal and written instructions.
3. Treat all information as confidential.
4. Must be able to lift, stoop, squat, push stand and/or bend throughout shift.
5.  Must be able to pull, lift and push heavy objects.
6.  Must pass pre-employment and random drug tests and a pre-employment criminal background check.
7.  Meet necessary requirements to obtain a security sensitive identification badge.
8.  Must be able to verbally direct in English.
9.  Must be a citizen of the United States or possess the necessary authorization from the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS).
10. Must have clear driving record.

1.  Must be familiar with all Airlines/Company and airport regulations.
2.  Deal courteously and tactfully with fellow employees, passengers, clients and the public.
3.  Communicate effectively with others.
4.  Communicates safety hazards and equipment problems to shift supervisor and management.
5.  Provide transportation to passengers as requested.
6.  Provide general information to passengers; give directions and flight information.
7.  Always check equipment thoroughly before use (wheels, breaks, seats, radio) to insure equipment is functioning properly.
8.  At the beginning of each shift fill out cart and radio log.
9.  At the end of each shift turn in keys and radio to supervisor on duty.
10. Always park carts in assigned places.
11. SAFETY FIRST!!! Drive at a slow manageable speed. (Maximum speed should be no faster than a jogging pace.)
12. Drive with both hands on the wheel and sit in an upright position. LOOK PROFESSIONAL.
13. Seating must be limited to seven passengers or fewer. NEVER, allow a passenger to ride in a standing position in the baggage carrier or on the back bumper.
14. Assure that all body parts and baggage are inside the cart before proceeding.
15. \"EXCUSE THE CART, PLEASE\" is the only acceptable warning phrase to be used when approaching a pedestrian in the concourse. Never pass until you are sure they know of your presence.
16. You must always stop before entering and exiting a connecting building.
17. Never leave keys or radio on unattended cart. Lock cart if it will be out of your sight.
18. Charge carts at scheduled intervals.
19. If battery charge indicator is in the RED or shoots onto the RED, stop the cart immediately and contact the coordinator's office.
20. When cart is parked for charging, be sure the charging switch is on and verify that the plug is working.
21. Be aware of the Coordinator's Office signal lights (if applicable)
22. Always stop if a gate agent requests it. If you are on assignment, call another cart driver.
23. Never pass another moving cart. If you need to pass a stopped cart, announce \"CART PASSING\". The other Cart driver must acknowledge you.
24. Always keep one cart length between you and the cart in front of you at all times. NO TAILGATING.
25. Never leave unaccompanied minors unattended.
26. All cart incidents, regardless of severity, must be reported to the shift supervisor.
27. Always get off the cart to assist passengers.
29. May be required to dispatch carts as needed.
30. Always complete appropriate documentation.
31. Be neat and careful when handling other people's property, especially luggage.
32. Must be familiar with all FAA/Airline/Company regulations.
33. Keep supervisor informed of needs and problems in assigned areas, maintain cleanliness of immediate work area and report maintenance needs.
34. Project a positive image and respond to inquiries from airlines, staff and public in a courteous manner.
35. Attend meetings and inservices as required.
36. Utilize appropriate communications channels and maintain records, reports and files as required.
37. Must be attired in proper uniform as directed by company officials and identification badges must always be visible.
38. Adhere to company policies and procedures and participate in achievement of company objectives.
39. Utilize company and client equipment, supplies and resources in a conscientious, cost effective manner.
40. Perform other duties as requested.
ref: (16-102)
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Sign Language Interpreters, Communication Access Real-Time Transcription. Assistive Listening Devices, or other auxiliary aids and/or services may be provided upon request. To ensure availability, you are advised to make your request at least 72 hours prior to the meeting you wish to attend. Due to difficulties in securing Sign Language Interpreters, five or more business days notice is strong recommended. For additional information, please contact LAWA's Coordinator for Disability Services at (424) 646-5005 or via California Relay Service at 711

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