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McMor Chlorination, Inc. Company Profile

Phone: 661-323-9400

McMor operates as a Water Conditioning Contractor (C-55), DPR Microbial Pest Control Contractor (P); State licensed water treatment and distribution operators, State licensed wastewater operators, and State licensed potable water transport.  As regulations on water quality and reporting requirements become more stringent it is increasingly difficult for smaller water systems to remain compliant. McMor provides the necessary management and experience to ensure that all requirements are met and accurately reported to the California State Water Resources Control Board or other agency having jurisdiction. 

EEO Statement: High School Diploma or equivalent required. Good communication skills. General PC skills. Valid California drivers’ license. Minimum Grade 1 Treatment and/or Distribution license issued by the State of California Department of Public Health. Consideration will be given to applicants that are awaiting their scheduled state examination.
Company Website: www.mcmorchlor.com

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