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Miyamoto International Company Profile

Phone: 916-379-8782

Miyamoto International is a global engineering, construction management and project management company providing critical services that sustain industries and safeguard communities around the world.


We are experts in delivering post-conflict and disaster reconstruction strategies and high-performance structural engineering that reduce lifecycle costs and produce a positive net impact on a structure’s operation. Our broad spectrum of services can be deployed to meet engineering needs or brought together to tackle the complex challenges inherent in pre- and post-disaster environments.


Built on decades of disaster construction experience in the field, our expertise supports how clients address the economic, political, socio-cultural, sustainability and technical challenges involved in risk reduction and post-disaster recovery.


Our experience in the field validates that minimum building codes used for building and infrastructure development are rarely enough to keep businesses and communities functioning after significant natural disasters. To this end, we can assess the likely performance of buildings and infrastructure before natural disasters hit and identify specific vulnerabilities. We can then develop prioritized solutions to limit business-interruption losses and reduce property damage to acceptable levels.


Our portfolio includes working with the government of Haiti and the UN to assess more than 430,000 earthquake-damaged structures, then implementing the repair and reconstruction of more than 120,000 damaged Haitian buildings and homes. We are an expert consultant to the World Bank on a risk-mitigation project for 1,500 schools in Istanbul, as well as consulting on post-disaster reconstruction in New Zealand and the Philippines.


Miyamoto businesses are strategically located worldwide in disaster-prone regions to positively impact economies and save lives.

EEO Statement: Miyamoto International is an equal opportunity employer.
Company Website: http://miyamotointernational.com

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